Food To the Dumpster While People Starve

Only a few hours old
Nothing yet stale, nothing has mold
No longer sellable we are told
Only problem…it might be cold

No longer of worth, to you at least
Too millions, this would be a feast
How many at your hands have deceased
Who cares right?  Your profits have increased

Alone, your “spoils” could stop a million hunger pains
As all nutritional value remains
Your family images obviously feigned
Stand there…defend your corporate chains

Think of all the people you could feed
To the dumpster, instead of shelters & families in need.
Blatant markers of your greed
While millions daily, for food, have to plead

Thousands spent insuring your next product is a “smash”
Your sickness spreading like an incurable rash
Security around your sacred trash
All that matters, bottom line…cash

We all know you`re corporate whores
Cheap “collectable” crap for sale in every store
Selfishness seeping from every pore
How would you “spin it” if a starving child died on your floor?

Expensive ads in our faces everyday
“Billions served” proudly displayed
Your concerns…how much your mascots weighed
Where`s the sign for how many died of hunger today?


The Activists Writing Collective


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