Certain conversations seem to belong to another place entirely from where you actually hear them. The following conversation between these two SARS employees seemed inappropriate especially that it was just after lunch.

Man 1 (looking at the big behind of the lady standing in front of him) – “I’m moving out man. I’ve had enough of Busi’s nonsense.
Man 2 – “It’s about time chap. I told you that cohabitation was not good for you. You are too young (lying) to be having the same woman everyday.
Man 1 – “I mean, can you believe last night she complained about my drinking as if I drink everyday. Women don’t know what they want.”
Man 2 – (playing with his phone) What about the guy you share the flat with? Is he still there?
Man 1 – (annoyed) “Yes he is. That one thinks he’s a reverend or Dr Phil or something. He thinks he has all the solutions to this world’s problems and I’ve never seen a guy who neither drinks nor smokes. If it’ not the newspaper, it’s a book. I don’t understand him really.”
Man 2 – “Does he have a girlfriend”?
Man 1 – (fumbling with his wallet) “That one! He’s got different women coming over all the time. And this chap doesn’t flush the toilet you know, and I know these girls are going to think it’s me.”
Man 2 – ‘Why”
Man 1 – “Because I look like the kind of person who might do that; he looks like he wouldn’t even go in there.”
Man 2 – “Well, you’re gonna have to have a word with him.”
Man 1 – (staring at the ATM slip as if whatever was written there was its fault) “I will.”

By Khaya


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