Mzoli’s Place

One sunny Saturday afternoon while having a good time with friends at one (and probably only) Mdantsane’s famous braai place (Mdantsane is a very big village near East London), I took note of the three ladies with cheap sunglasses, who were sitting on the table next to ours. Against the approval of my friends I asked them (ladies) to join us at our table. Without any hesitation or second thoughts, they did.

Me: “Hey beautiful girls (lying), We saw you sitting alone so we thought you might do with some good company (that’s what we thought we were at least, good company)”.

Lady 1: “Ooh thanks wethu bhuti. My name is Nok’thula but you can call me Thulas. (Pointing to her friend in the shortest skirt i had ever seen), This is Vuyo my best friend”.

Me (diverting my interest to Vuyo and my eyes away from her short skirt): Hi Vuyo. I’m Khaya.

Vuyo (coming closer to offer me a United Nations hug): “Hi Khaya”.

I caught a single whiff of her perfume and my nostrils ceased to work immidiately.

Me (trying to pull back from her big arms): “Ooh, these are my friends. Mandla, Sihle and Mzoli. We all come from Cape Town”. (I was lying again. We were all from Mdantsane and “Mzoli” was not Mzoli. His name is Mpumelelo).

Vuyo (her eyes fixed on “Mzoli”): “Hi guys”.

Me: Have you ever heard of Mzoli’s Place in Cape Town?

Lady 1 (sinking her big teeth on a third piece of our meat): Ooh yes I know Mzoli. I knew I know this guy (pointing to my friend, Mzoli) from somewhere but I wasn’t sure where.

Me (sensing that we might have hit that day’s lotto): “Yes this is him (lying again). We are here on business you know”.

As misfortune would have it, out of no where appeared Mpumelelo’s aka (Mzoli) girlfriend.

Girlfriend (with the phone on one hand): “Mpumelelo, why is your phone off? I’ve been trying to call you”.

to be continued…



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