A Cold Reminder To White People

Dear white people,

Why must we explain ourselves to you every cold day, every winter? We are averse to cold temperatures. You SHOULD know that by now. 1652 was a long time ago. Maybe you think we shut our car windows even on scotchingly hot days to shut-out criminals. Sometimes yes but that’s not always the case. How often do you see our overloaded and steaming taxis with windows open? Almost never. Ask any coconut that has ever dared ask anyone in a taxi if they mind opening the windows what happened to their head and accent.

Unlike yours, our bodies can’t handle cold very well. We don’t find the feeling of chilly breeze against our dark bodies pleasant. That is why you will never find a black man wearing flip-flops and short sleeves in winter. That’s just crazy.

My warm white friends, the reason I’m taking my icy hands out of my pockets to write this short letter is to remind you to once again bear with us this winter. I request that you to please close the windows and NOT switch the office aircon to cold. Blacks and cold don’t mix.




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